Our 1st Year Anniversary -

The Bloomz Show Trailer...

On-line Art Show with a difference

Although this is a virtual art show—you don’t have to physically travel to visit the artists' studios—it is very much a REAL event, where you get to see the artwork, speak to the artists, one-to-one, and learn about their processes and inspirations.

We host the Art Show on Zoom but once you are in the door - It's all art show and no Zoom!. We use the amazing features which allow you to enter the different artists' studios (across the globe) via seperate rooms. Below is a graphical representation of our show and the artists you can visit there.

We recognise that you may need a reminder closer to the event so you will receive an email a couple of days and also hours before show time. These notifications will all be sent using Ticket Tailor so make sure they don't go into spam.          .

We will be posting more details here about the artists including a brochure and we will also add the link to the show incase you miss the emails.


You will need either a laptop or desktop computer to fully appreciate the art and get the most out of the event.

It is recommended that you allow at least 2 hours to leisurely wander around the show, so make sure you have drinks and nibbles available to fully enjoy your visit to a spectacular art show.

If you would prefer to visit the show without appearing on video, this is perfectly OK.

Get to know a bit about the artists - here is a 30 second summary from each artist in their own words...


Below is a flipbook presentation of the show brochure with information about all of the artists.
There are controls below the book so that you can view it in full screen or just download it as a .pdf